Mini Herb Flavor Bundles

Fresh-cut equal stem counts of two or three herbs. Choose herbs that make good seasoning or tea blends and bundle them together to create your signature mix from the garden.

Tie the stems together with twine and hang or place on a drying screen and allow them to dry. When the bundles are completely dry, strip the herbs off the stems.

Yummy for Seasoning Poultry
Tea Blend!
Add smoked salt to the dried mix for a flavorful seasoning salt

Crush dried herbs slightly to make the herb leaves smaller and consistent in size. Gently mix well. Label you tin or jar with the ingredients (so you remember your recipe!)

Add other flavors (about ¼ of the measure of the herbs that are dried and stripped from the stems) like dried lemon, smoked salt or dried garlic to finish your mix.

A gift from the garden idea: Place in a decorative tin with a culinary recipe and give your signature blends as gifts.

See more combinations to try in A Taste For Herbs page 108

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