1. Sue, I attended your speaking engagement for the Tulsa Herbies a couple of weeks ago with my sister Betty Jeanne (the Italian sisters – better known as labellamafia – LOL. You mentioned that I would not have to pay shipping if I told you I attended that Tuesday evening celebration of herbs! I want to purchase 4 books, signed by you!

    A side note, my daughter who is now a dietitian/nutritionist with her Masters does healthy cooking segments on Channel 6 here in Tulsa – almost every Thursday. Go to newson6.com and click on the “Recipes” link. Look for Stephanie Harris beneath the videos. Recipes attached. She and I did a Mother’s Day segment together making Italian frittatas. The morning anchors and the crew enjoyed that segment tremendously. Years ago she wrote a term paper in junior high about the medicinal properties of plants and 99% of the ones she chose were herbs! I usually keep such creative writings and I bet it’s in her folder of the same name. I kept a file on each of my 4 children for every year upto the time they were in college. College became one file altogether. However, for the grades, preschool to senior year, each child had several files within a file for that year. I labeled them Artwork, Creative Writings, Photos, Honors and Awards, Report Cards, etc. I was religiously filing things almost every day, and I am glad I did because now each child has 2 larger clear containers in chronological order already pre-filed. They have to do the scrapbooking if they want. I did the organizational part of it.

    Take care and come back often.

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  2. We bought it this past weekend at the Mither Earth Fair, great information, great speaker! Yay Sue! I’m waiting my turn, my husband is reading it first. He’s the gardener, I’ll make use of the harvest. 😊

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