Sweet and Simple Pot Marigold

IMG_0187_calendula webCalendula officinalis also know as pot marigold is an easy-to-grow annual. Its bright flowers bring color to flower beds and container gardens. Seed Source : Ed Hume Seeds

The flower petals are edible with a tangy almost peppery taste that can be sprinkled in soups, scrambled eggs, herb butters, and salads.  Harvest the flower petals for use, either fresh or dried, to make soothing skin treatments. It calms and heals irritated and rashy skin. Calendula is invaluable for use in salves for first-aid preparations. The deep golden-orange petals add natural color to lotions and ointments. (See recipe for  Calendula Salve on page 158 of The Herb Lover’s Spa Book. ).

Also try this easy recipe:

calendula oil webIMG_0226Calendula Healing Oil
½ cup organic dried Calendula petals
About a half cup of Sweet Almond Oil or Avocado Oil
A small glass (clean and sterilized) canning jar

Add the petals to the glass jar. Pour the oil over the petals until they are submerged in oil. Slightly stir with a wood spoon to make sure the petals are completely covered.
Seal the jar with a tight lid and shake. Allow the oil/petal mix to steep for about 4 weeks in a warm place or sunny window. Shake the jar every few days and after about 4 weeks, strain the herbs out of the oil by pouring it over a cheese cloth and into a clean glass jar. Seal tight and store in a dark cabinet. Use as a healing lotion on skin for scrapes, bug bites and sunburn. Rub a drop or two on chapped lips to soothe them,



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