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Ready to schedule a workshop or presentation for your group? All new 2019 Herb Lovers workshop offerings! Herb Lovers workshops 2019

Sue Goetz, based in Washington state and owner of Creative Gardener, shares her passion for gardening through workshops and event speaking. Her motto ….”inspiring gardeners to create” defines her talks with how to’s or simply creative inspiration. Her down to earth approach has been shared with audiences all over the country.
Trained in horticulture and design, Sue’s topics are presented with the
factual, trusted knowledge of a gardener. Topics include

Herbs, Edibles, Cutting Gardens

The Herb Lover’s Spa Garden
Herbal Lotions, Scrubs and Skin Care from the Garden
Grow healing and aromatic herbs to create hand blended spa products. Easy tips and ideas to make fresh potions for spa treatments. Peppermint foot scrub, sensual sugar scrubs, powders, fragrant mists and more. Learn the nurturing attributes of herbs, how to grow and use them. Come for show and smell!
Based on my book- The Herb Lovers Spa Book- published by St. Lynn’s Press,

The Herb Lover’s Garden
Go herbal and learn all the multi uses of herbs. Landscaping, fragrance, healing, edible flowers, seasoning and cut flower abundance. What is the best oregano variety for cut flowers? How about fennel for attracting butterflies or parsley as a flower border? Discover something new and useful about the herbs in your garden. Start with their beauty in the landscape and then discover ways to use them. Create culinary treats, body care products, and household remedies. Growing hints, landscape design ideas, and recipe ideas included.

Seasonings from the Garden
Capture the flavor of herbs. Create herb vinegar, syrups, dried seasoning mixes, salt rubs for grilling, and more. Make flavor mixes from the garden to infuse cocktails and tea with syrups, add zing to greens and salads with vinegar and oils. Growing, harvesting and recipes, all using herbs from your garden.

Potted Herb Gardens*
Cultivate herbs successfully in any size space! From windowsills to balconies, potted up herbs can create a feast of flavorings to place near outdoor kitchens, medicinal herbs for mini healing gardens, tea herbs in a sanctuary space or aromatherapy with fragrant plants near outdoor seating areas. Find out which herbs do best in potted gardens and how to harvest them. Seminar includes a handout of potted herb garden designs plus, recipes and uses for the herbs you grow!

An Edible Garden Lifestyle*
Don’t just plant an edible garden; infuse it into your lifestyle. Many edibles are highly ornamental by adding color and texture to garden spaces. From container gardens to mixed borders there are many ways to grow food without the expense of set-aside space. Included are garden sketches and down-to-earth tips for cultivating successful edible landscapes as well as favorite edible varieties that mingle well with ornamentals.

Edible Flowers
Take a growing and learning adventure of color and flavor with flowers you can eat. Learn the varieties to grow as well as gardening info. Ideas for culinary use include teas, desserts beverages, and garnishing.

In Love with Lavender*
Discover the many facets of growing and using lavender. Grow a fragrant garden of lavender. Get to know the best varieties to grow. Plus ideas for cooking, crafting, culinary, household and skin care. Harvesting, preserving and recipes; everything to make you fall in love with lavender.

Cutting Gardens also titled as “The Art of Garden Floristry”*
Become your own florist and grow fresh flowers for bouquets and decor. Varieties for all seasons, from bulbs to perennials with a few shrubs in the mix. Learn techniques for cutting and preserving fresh-cut and dried florals.

From Seed to Bouquet*
Sow and grow an abundance of flowers for fresh-cut bouquets, dried and pressed flowers, plus a few edible blooms for salads and garnish! Discover unique and must-have plants to make your arrangements truly eye-catching, plus tips for the harvest.

Garden Design:
The Herbal Landscape
Low maintenance, water misers, pollinator attraction, big bloomers and fantastic foliage. Get to know the best herbs to use in your landscape including ones that add architecture and color for all seasons; plus ways to mingle and combine herbs beautifully with other ornamental landscape plants.

In Search of Useful Spaces
Design and create gardens to grow plants that give back. Flavors, fragrance, edibles, cutting gardens, and more. Find the balance of size, space, “come and go” plants, harvesting, longevity and how it all works with the permanence of landscaping. Growing hints, landscape design ideas for container gardens, potagers, raised planting beds and easy layouts for edible gardens.

No Fear Garden Design*
A beginner’s guide and creative approach to designing a garden. Practical tips to get the process going successfully. Don’t just create a landscape; plant a garden with texture, dimension and longevity.
Easy ideas to incorporate the practical aspects. Create the garden you have always dreamed of.

DIY Garden Makeovers*
Don’t just settle for a simple landscape; plant a garden with texture, dimension, and longevity. Breathing new life into a garden can be daunting and rewarding…get started with practical, easy tips, ideas, shortcuts and advice on simple fixes you can do to make-over the garden. Learn shortcuts to adding design by using photographs and insider tips from an award-winning garden designer.

Fix My Yard! * Also titled Design dilemmas Fixed!*
Fun garden design sessions with design tips and stylizing for the real world. Beautiful magazine photos of garden inspire, but how do we get there in our own space? Design dilemmas fixed! As an option, class attendees can send in photos of their yard prior to the seminar. I will select some to bring and sketch on them for design makeovers during the seminar, plus other inspiring before and after makeovers that bring design to life.

Color Play in the Garden *
Become a garden stylist with the use of color. Design tips using pottery to pop color into dark spaces, perennial combinations for long bloom time in mixed borders and fun ideas that dip in the paint can and get bold. Explore the unexpected, look for ways to get attention to a boring space or infuse more color to an existing garden.

Landscaping for Winter Color and Beauty*
A beautiful garden should not end in August. Discover how to add texture and color with bark, berries, foliage, and evergreens in the landscape for year around color.

Other topics available. Please inquire for more information!

To schedule Sue as a speaker, please visit the contact page for more information.

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