Herbal Hydration!

As summer heats up, so does herb garden abundance. Harvest fresh herbs and make some herb-flavored hydration!

Herb Infused Water
Why buy flavored waters when you can make your own? Cool, herb-infused waters are a healthy alternative to sugary or caffeine-laden drinks. Use fresh summer herbs from the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh-made herbal waters are a great way to stay hydrated through the day with some micro benefits from the fresh herbs.

cucumber lime mint in web water bottle water bottle IMG_7218 needs captionCucumber Lime Mint
1 cucumber, peeled and cut into thick, chunky pieces
8 to 10 whole fresh mint leaves
Juice of 1 small lime

Add sliced cucumber to a half gallon-sized glass jar. In a separate small glass bowl, pour in about ½ cup of water. Add the mint leaves and muddle them into the water. Pour muddled mint water over the cucumbers. Add lime juice, and more mint leaves. Fill the jar with water (use cold or room temperature water, not warm or hot). Stir all ingredients with a wooden spoon. Cover and infuse overnight in the refrigerator. Drink within a few days.
Other tips:
-Strain out the bits and pieces of ingredients from the jar with cheesecloth or use a mesh lid to pour from. Use the strained-out herbs and fruits from the water to make smoothies.
-Experiment with flavor; you can use coconut water or green tea in place of plain water.
See all my tips for making great flavored waters, plus more recipes including Pineapple Ginger, Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Basil , Lavender Blueberry and Borage Cucumber on pages 159-164 of A Taste for Herbs!


page 165 lavender soda web IMG_6324Lavender Fizzy
½ cup fresh squeezed lime juice
25 ounces sparkling mineral water
1 cup Lavender Sugar Syrup (see recipe on page 125 of A Taste for Herbs)
Add ingredients to a serving pitcher and stir to mix well. Serve immediately over ice and garnish with a lavender stem.








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