Two healers–Herbs and a Labyrinth

A healing combination

I recently visited Idaho, and on my morning walk around the neighborhood, I purposefully turned down a side street from the route I was taking. I wanted to find a garden I had seen last summer. It is a small garden in the entry of a church. Embedded in the expanse of lawn were stones that formed a labyrinth. The herb garden lover in me noticed the herb planting along the edges. An abundance of oregano, coneflowers and other perennials were in full bloom in the summer heat.

The simplicity of the garden inspires me by how I would describe it as much as by its visual.

A labyrinth walk is for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practice as each step slows you down to quiet your mind and help bring focus on a prayer or meditative thought. The winding pathways start with a single path entering the space and leading you to the center. The walk is symbolic for helping calm your mind from negative, outside influences as your mind journeys inward with your footsteps along the path.

The herb garden along a labyrinth not only gives the eye a visual but represents healing powers within the plants.

Design inspiration for you!

Love the idea of a meditation space surrounded by herbs in your garden? It can be as complex or easy as you want to make it. This shape is and easy one based on a classic labyrinth pattern.

Need help in designing a sanctuary space in the garden? Contact me for garden consultation and design.

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