Foraging Mint in Winter for Fresh Herb Tea

In mild winter areas, hardy herbs like mint stay evergreen or new growth emerges. The new growth can be harvested for tea or added to season culinary dishes. The leaves are not as intense in flavor as they are in summer, so use generously.

Step-by-Step easy mint tea!

Take a walk in the winter garden and go foraging for new leaves. The small tender new leaves of mint are more flavorful than older leaves.
A mix of chocolate mint, spearmint, and grapefruit mint
Give a quick rinse in cold water, no need to soak or over rinse, just enough to shake off any soil.
Place a handful of leaves (it’s ok to leave attached to soft stems, but remove leaves from woody stems
Pour very hot water (not rolling boil) over the leaves and steep for a minimum of 5 minutes. Longer steeping will infuse more flavor and essence into the water.
Pour into a tea cup, garnish with a leaf or two and enjoy!

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