Grateful for a garden!

I am grateful for all the ways I get to chase a passion for gardening. I dig dirt, I am green with envy over must have plants, I love the verdant life…shall I go on with wordplay?

It is a thankful time of year as we pass a holiday in America. I treasure ways to be thankful everyday, not just in a season. The garden is that reminder for me. Thankful when the rosemary blooms it’s rich blue hue, thankful for lavender blooms in the summer that gather the joyful noise of bees, thankful for blooms at Christmas from Hellebore ‘Cinnamon Snow’, flavorful seasoning when basil is abundant and leafy in the summer, and fallen leaves that give back to the earth as they decompose. What are your thankful moments of the garden?

Another thing I am grateful for is what I get to do as work; design gardens, speak, write to inspire and teach about gardens. One of my latest works currently awaits its journey in a shipping crate. My new book from Cool Springs Press/Quarto Homes is launching soon (with a slight Covid shipping delay) and I want to say THANK YOU for all the pre-orders coming in. It is worth the wait!

If you have pre-ordered or are ready to–please share with me a quick screen grab or copy of your purchase (don’t need all the details, just a proof of purchase) and I will send you a signed bookplate designed with my original art and a packet of seeds to get you growing a greener 2021! Email or contact me for more information!

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