Spring Herb Garden Tips!

Frost on the Parsley!
This hardy herb can take spring frosts

In the Garden
• Spring is the time to give gardens a good cleanup. Prune broken branches, clip off old seed heads, and stem remnants from perennials.
• Keep an eye out for pests and disease. The best plan is to notice problems before they cause significant damage (of course!). Ongoing observation is a good tool. As the weather warms, aphids, scale, and spider mites get active. Control slugs and snails early for best population control.
• Amend soil. Add organic compost
• Plant hardy perennial herbs like sage, oregano, and thyme when the ground is not frozen or muddy.
• Shear lavender and other woody herbs when tiny leaf buds appear in the woody part of the plants. Based on the size and shape, they can be trimmed by a third if needed.
• Look at plants that have overgrown their space or are stealing beauty from other plants. Remove or properly prune as needed.
• Rake and lightly mow low-growing groundcover herbs like chamomile.
• Sow annual seeds indoors.
Container Gardens
• Evaluate pots for the season. Remove dead plants and clean off the soil.
• Check for emerging perennials that have expanded out of their boundaries.
• Transplant, divide, and thin out plants as needed.
• Move herbs in small containers up to larger ones.
• Clean and disinfect empty pots to ready them for planting.
• Clean planted containers; remove any dead or old-growth, refresh soil as needed.

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