Make these easy Herb Drying Screens!

Pick, pick, pick…are you harvesting your herbs?  As summer gives us it’s late summer heat, it seems like every day there is an herb to pick and preserve. Make a stack of these easy DIY drying screens for your bountiful harvest. These are perfect for drying delicate flower heads like Chamomile and Calendula or leafy herbs that are hard to bundle and hang like basil.

IMG_7618 drying screens wroding too.jpgI have a stash of these I made years ago and use them in all seasons of harvest.

DIY harvest screen finish IMG_5351

Herb drying screen directions (1) - Copy.jpg


    1. Sue,
      Wow! What a wonderful wealth of information of herbs.
      You have gotten me to grow herbs…especially in cooking.
      Thank You,
      Kathy Juracek


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