Make this! Wood Plant Flats!

Easy to make, and they will last for years!
I will admit I am not a well-trained woodworker, so if I can make these, you can too!
Replace those flimsy plastic plant trays in your garden shed. Use these multi- purpose wood ones to carry potted plants to the garden, start seeds, or as a fun serving tray or centerpiece filled with lovely potted herbs for your next garden party.

What you need- to make a traditional-sized plant flat (a plastic insert fits inside this size)
11’ of 1×4 rough cedar board
Cut into (5) 21.5” lengths (the sides and bottom)
(2) 12” lengths (the ends)
Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
1 1/4 “ galvanized (or outdoor rated ) Phillips head screws or nails

Lay out the wood and make sure all pieces fit. Next, lay out the three bottom pieces and check that they fit the inside, the ends and sides.
Screw sides and end pieces together to create the frame. Lay the center pieces in the wood frame and screw through the 12-inch sides (2 screws per piece of wood for added strength) to connect the bottom pieces to the frame.

Time to recycle!

One of my old flats that was exposed to a lot of soil and moisture over the years, is breaking down. It’s time to remove all the old screws, break the wood into smaller pieces, and add them to my compost pile.

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