Spring into Your Herb Garden!

Herb Garden Care
• Spring is the time to give herbs gardens a good cleanup. Prune broken branches, clip off old seed heads, and stem remnants from perennials.
• Keep an eye out for pests and diseases. The best plan is to notice problems before they cause significant damage (of course!). Ongoing observation is a good tool as the weather warms, aphids, scale, and spider mites get active—control slugs and snails early for best population control.
• Amend soil. Loosen the soil around perennials and planting areas where new herbs will be grown. Add organic compost and mix in for nice fluffy, nourished soil.
• Plant hardy perennial herbs like sage, oregano, and thyme when the ground is not frozen or too muddy.
• Shear lavender and other woody herbs when tiny leaf buds appear in the lower woody part of the plants. Based on the size and shape, they can be trimmed by a third if needed. (see more about lavender shearing in this past post)
• Look at plants that have overgrown their space or are stealing beauty from other plants. Remove or properly prune as needed.
• Rake and lightly mow low-growing groundcover herbs like chamomile.
• Sow annual seeds indoors.
• Indoor herbs- ready for outside! out-see kicking Herbs outside
Herb garden Planner here!

Container Gardens
• Evaluate pots for the season. Remove dead plants and clean off the soil.
• Check for emerging perennials that have expanded out of their boundaries. Transplant, divide, and thin out plants as needed.
• Move herbs that are currently in small containers up to larger ones.
• Clean and disinfect empty pots to ready them for planting. Use a weak bleach solution- 10 parts water to 1 part bleach or horticultural vinegar- to rinhttps://suegoetz.com/shopse and clean out pots if needed.
• Clean up containers that remain planted, remove dead or old growth, and refresh the soil by loosening the soil surface and adding organic compost.
Plan for bountiful, beautiful herb plants with these container garden recipes. Instant downloads with all the info you need to get growing!

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