Refresh and Revive Mint

Herbs are potted and tucked into all spaces of my garden, but jars of roots are such a simple act of gardening that makes me smile.

When spring is showing signs of life in your garden, mint is usually one of the first perennial herbs to get busy. Overcrowded mint in a container needs revival and spring is a good time to do it. You can divide it or take cuttings and water root them.

Easy water propagation! Snip leafy cuttings where the stem is soft and green, just above the woody parts of the plant. Trim off any leaves (you don’t want leaves under the water line) add your mint “bouquet” to a jar of fresh water and let nature do the rest. The jar will fill with a mass of strong roots. Then transfer the plant to a small pot with soil. Place them in a sunny window, keep well watered. Allow your newly minted plants to root well in the soil before putting them out in the garden.

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