Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

rose petal sugar scrubTreat Your Valentine to a  Relaxing Foot Massage
Prepare a tub of fresh, warm water and set aside. Lay out a towel on the ground. Massage a generous scoop of Rose Petal Sugar Scrub to clean bare feet for about 5 minutes per foot. Gently massage and work through toes and all over the bottom of the feet. Scrub more vigorously on rough skin at the heels.
Rinse and allow feet to rest in the tub of water for another 5 minutes.
Place feet on the towel and wrap around to bundle up both feet and hold in warmth. Relax and enjoy.


Rose Petal Sugar Scrub
1 cup organic sugar
½ cup organic coconut oil
1 vitamin E capsule
1/3 cup fresh or dried organic rose petals (Use rose petals from organic roses that have just begun to open. The more fragrant the petals, the stronger the scent and healing qualities of the roses)

To Make:
Pour the sugar in a wide mouth glass jar. Add the rose petals and crush them into the sugar to release the essential oils into the sugar. Add coconut oil. Pierce the Vitamin E capsule to open and release the oil into the mix. Stir to blend all ingredients well.

To Use:
Dampen skin. With a generous amount of scrub mix, massage onto the skin with gentle circular motion. Use caution around scratched or irritated areas of skin. Rinse off with warm water.


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