Do You Need a Moment?

Remember time out as a kid or sending your children to “time out.” It was all about taking a moment to stop, get in a better mood…or get an attitude adjustment.
Now as an adult, time out sounds good to me. There are days when it would be nice to stop the chaos that swirls around in a busy cell phone ringing, electronic calendar dinging world.
Defrag my brain, please…
Maybe it’s time to give yourself a moment- an herbal moment with these mini spa ideas.

cindy harp garden

An Off Your Feet Moment
Peppermint Foot Soak (page 119 of the Herb Lover’s Spa Book)
Tub of warm water
Grab a towel, small tub, the peppermint foot soak and a book to read.
Find a quiet spot in the garden or your favorite chair.
Fill the tub with warm water and pour in two tablespoons of peppermint foot soak.
Set feet in the tub so that water covers about ankle deep. Relax and enjoy the benefits of the fragrant herb releasing the tension of the day. You can also customize the recipe with other favorite herbs by adding lavender, lemon balm or rosemary instead of the peppermint.

A Steamy Moment
Think of this as an afternoon brain fog-lifter.
(Excerpt from Page 103 of the Herb Lover’s Spa Book)
Large glass bowl or small sink with stopper.
Large bath towel
Hot water
Herbs (use refreshing herbs like use fresh lemon thyme and lavender or fragrant rose petals and lemon verbena. Herbs that give the brain a quick pick–me –up include spearmint and rosemary.)
To steam:
Pull hair away from face and gently wash skin, with a simple, clean water rinse, unless skin has heavy makeup. Pat dry with a towel but leave skin dewy with some moisture. Place a generous handful of fresh, clean herbs in a glass bowl. Pour boiling water over them (about 3 cups) and allow to steep for about 5 minutes. Make a tent to capture the steam by covering head and shoulders with a large towel. Hold your head 12 inches away from steaming water and close your eyes. Take a few deeps breaths to inhale the fragrance of the herbs. Steam skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove towel drape and splash skin with cool water.

Facial Massage Moment
Ugh, sometimes the busy of a day sits on your skin and feels…um, well grimy. This easy herbal facial will brighten skin, remove dead skin cells and cleanse dirt and oils off.
2 tablespoons cornmeal herb face scrub (recipe on Page 136 of the Herb Lover’s Spa Book)
1 tablespoon plain yogurt (plain yogurt (not non-fat) is a natural skin softener with mild astringent qualities to tone pores.)
Mix yogurt with the cornmeal face scrub until it becomes a paste with nice, spreadable texture. Add more yogurt, if needed, to make it easy to smooth on skin.
To use:
Rinse face, pat dry. Mix blend with just enough water or yogurt to form a paste. Gently massage paste over face and neck avoiding the eye area. Take it slow and easy with a massaging motion to add benefits of the herbal mix and yogurt but also the calming massaging action on your face. Rinse off and pat skin dry.

A Close your Eyes Moment
2 organic chamomile tea bags.
To use:
Place tea bag in a small saucer. Pour 1 tablespoon of warm water over the bag to re-hydrate the flowers. Wait for the sachets to cool down slightly. Gently squeeze excess water. Lie down, relax, close your eyes and place the tea bags over eyelids for 15 minutes.

No155IMG_0617How to make handmade tea bags with cotton muslin and herbs from your garden can be found on page 137 of the Herb Lover’s Spa Book.




Get a PDF of the Recipes Here!

Skin Care from the Garden

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