Beauty from Herbal Scrubs

scrubsExfoliate! Invigorate! Revive!  Body scrubs filled with herbs and coarse grind, natural ingredients gently massaged into the skin – these are a spa experience all their own. Blood circulates close to the skin, which pinks up with warmth as dead skin cells and impurities wash away. From the soles of the feet to the top of your head, spa treatments with texture help skin to feel renewed. Take a look inside of the Herb Lover’s Spa Book for more information on making your own scrubs using herbs from the garden.  The Lavender Salt scrub is on page 129 and the Rose Petal scrub is on  page 130! 

Here is another one of my favorite scrub recipes. I love lemon fragrance and how cleansing and refreshing,  lemony herbs are.

Lemon balm labeld web IMG_4456ed

Lemon Fresh Sugar Scrub
1 cup organic raw sugar
Approximately 1/4 cup fresh lemon verbena leaves, (cut into small pieces.)
Approximately 1/4 cup fresh lemon balm leaves, (cut in small pieces.)
1/3 cup grapeseed oil
1 vitamin E capsule
Lime or lemon zest (grated peel) to add fragrance and enhance color (optional)

In a small glass bowl add the sugar. Toss in fresh lemon verbena and lemon balm leaves. With a pestle or muddler or back of a wooden spoon, crush the leaves into the sugar to incorporate and release the fragrant and healing properties of the herb leaves. Slowly pour in grapeseed oil, vitamin E and zest (if desired); mix well to a nice, thick paste consistency. Store in a wide mouth glass jar.
To Use:
Good for hands and feet! Use a generous scoop of scrub. Gently massage on skin for about 5 minutes. Rinse in tub of warm water. Pat dry. Skin will be noticeably smooth and nourished by the herbs and oils.

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