Herbal Gifting

simple herb soap
Add home grown herbs to this simple recipe to create your own herbal soaps.

Simple Herb Soap
A 7-ounce bar of pure soap (glycerin, olive oil or other natural-based, non-fragrant soap)
1 tablespoon dried herb of choice
8 drops essential oil (the same as the chosen herb)

simple herb soap 2• Finely grate the soap bar into small shavings with a cheese grater.
• Melt slowly over a double boiler on the stove until the soap becomes completely liquid (keep careful watch and never allow to boil or burn).
• Let cool slightly and stir in the remaining ingredients. Pour liquid mix into molds or roll into balls and allow to harden.

soapy herbs
Use herbs for their healing, skin nurturing qualities

Lavender: gentle and calming
Calendula: calming, adds a natural color
Rosemary: cleansing and antibacterial
Lemon verbena: healing and refreshing
Scented geranium: good for mature skin

For more information on growing and using herbs to nourish and nurture skin:

The Herb Lover’s Spa Book

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